Big Banks have funded 5.5 Trillion in Fossil Fuels

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AI Powered Insights

Our AI algorithms categorize and enhance your transaction data by adding carbon footprint calculations.

Easy Account Linking

All Accounts in One Spot: Conveniently manage all your financial accounts in one centralized dashboard.

Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracking

AI-powered insights into the carbon footprint of each transaction you make.

Financial Analytics

Understand where your money is going and its environmental impact, all calculated through advanced AI algorithms.

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Receive a bi-weekly, AI-curated newsletter with a snapshot of your finances and carbon footprint.


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Our current Offsetting Projects

We offset projects that are certified, and until we meet our goal!

CarbonCure Concrete Mineralization

Injecting CO₂ into cement to make super-strong low-carbon concrete.

Ducks Unlimited & North Bridge Prairie Conservation

Conserving grasslands and shrublands in the Prairie Pothole Region, North Dakota, USA.

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We are a dedicated team of experts passionate about leveraging technology to combat climate change. Our app,, is designed to make sustainability a seamless part of your daily life.

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Gurjeet Matharu
Founder/ CEO
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Data Scientist